Thursday, July 1, 2010

STAGE at Suntec City is moving out!



  1. Hello dear, any idea is the price of the sales item the same as the one at ION?
    Haha, I read your blog regarding Stage moving out sale at Ion but when I reached there, the blusher were already sold out ! ):
    Cheap eh! HAHA, anw thanks for the awesome information, I managed to grab some items there !

  2. Hi dear, I heard it's about the same as the previous sale at ION. I'm going to grab more items from there too! :) But I'm wondering, is Stage going to move out of S'pore? Hmm...

  3. Oh ya ! both stage outlets are having moving out sales ? ):
    No more Stage ?!
    Do share what you got from the sale okay, will find time to grab the blusher! Hehe (:


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