Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Complimentary Makeover at Pupa

I went for my Pupa makeover session at the newly opened ALT at The Heeren. 

This is my first time trying Pupa cosmetics and I'm excited to be able to find out more about their products. I'm love their limited edition Russian doll makeup kit but it was out of stock already. Let me show you how it looks like.

So kawaii right? I want! :))
You open up the biggest doll and you will see one medium size doll. Next, you open up the medium size doll and you will see one small doll and 2 smallest doll. Every doll has different products like eyeshadows, cheek colour, eyeliner, mascara etc. It feels just like opening up present with all the surprises in it. It's only selling at $98. How I wish I can get my hands on one....
Anyway, back to the makeover. Here's my MUA.

I love the makeup she did on me, especially the eyes and lips. I will show you the photos.

Eyes: I love her creation on my eyes.


Lips: I love the shade she used on me. (The colour looks a bit gone already as I took the picture quite some time after the makeover.)

You must be wondering why I never show the colour on my cheeks right? Coz I told her I didn't want cheeks that look too red, so she only apply a little blusher and the colour is very light pink that can't be seen in the photo, so I decided not to upload.

After trying Pupa's product, I really love Pupa's bake powder and eyeshadows! The bake powder is able to absorb the oil on skin and give the really long-lasting mattifying effect. For the eyeshadow, the colour is initially very light, natural colour but once you use it with water, the colour becomes very pigmented, more shimmery and long-lasting. It's a totally awesome eyeshadow.

Anyways, I would like to thank Pupa for letting me try and understand more about the products. I enjoyed speaking to Pupa's SA as well. The SA who attended to me was really sweet and nice and she was very patient with all my enquiries about Pupa products. 
Thank you Pupa!

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