Friday, April 9, 2010

Unpleasant, I don't like it!

Do you find that recently there are so many financial consultants or even bank representatives on the streets stopping people to introduce an insurance plan or ask to sign up for credit cards? I've met LOTS of them recently and I ALWAYS got stopped by them.

I'm not saying that what they did is not right as I understand that they are also making a living but I mean, they should also try to understand people's body language or even face expression. Whenever I see them, I would either walk another direction or speed up my walking pace, avoiding eye contact with them but in the end, I still got stopped by them. Sigh... I tried to be nice to them by saying 'Sorry, I'm not interested. Am in a rush.' Some will say 'Ok, thank you' but most of them whom I encountered tried to keep up with my walking pace and kept talking about what they have and I can tell you that I'm most annoyed by such people. I don't like people who keeps pestering me when I already made my stand clear. Don't you people find them annoying too?

Another thing is that I don't understand why they always like to approach me. Do I look like I'm gullible and easy to persuade? Or a person who doesn't know how to save money? Or they think I'm rich to sign up for credit cards? Hahha... I'm wondering what's the reason why they always like to approach me. Maybe next time I should ask them when financial consultants or bank representatives approaching me again. Hehe.

Do you face such situations too? Do you find it annoying and an unpleasant experience? For me, I really don't like it :(

* Please pardon me for posting my rant here :))

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