Saturday, April 3, 2010

Juice Organics Brightening Skincare

I've tried Juice Organics Brightening Skincare cleanser, serum and moisturiser and here's my review about it. I have also contribute my review to Fr3b. Here it is: 

 The cleanser doesn't really cleanse the skin but it's more like giving your skin the Vitamin C. My skin does not feel sparkling clean after use but can see that skin is more moisturised, feels very smooth and look brighter, fairer. If you're thinking that the cleanser smells good. I can tell you that it's not. The cleanser smells so "Vitamin C" because all products which I use that states "pure Vitamin C" has this exactly same smell, so I believe they never put any fragrance into this cleanser, and it's totally pure Vitamin C in this product.

Ok, about the facial serum, it smells a bit better than the cleanser as the Vitamin C smell is not so strong and the serum absorbs immediately into my skin after I did a few circular motions on my cheeks and I can feel that my skin starts to firm up and feels a bit tighter. Skin is also more moisturised.

Next is the moisturiser. The moisturiser is like any moisturiser in the market, which mainly helps to replenish skin moisture but for this, it has brightening effect for my skin as well. For people with oily skin, you won't need the moisturiser as the first 2 steps are really very moisturising enough for the skin.

After using, I definitely believe that this range will help to brighten skin, firm skin and smooth out fine lines. Texture of skin feels very good after using. I love this product!
I hope everyone enjoys reading my product reviews and managed to gain knowledge about the product before purchasing them.
Have a happy weekend! :)

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