Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Facial and Extraction Day

24hr a day seems like insufficient for me. I have been sleeping late and feeling stressed recently. And you know what's the consequences? (See below. Argh!!!!) Every day I only managed to get only about 4hrs sleep and the whole busy cycle starts again. I look at myself in the mirror and feel really devastated with my skin condition. My skin look restless and aged a lot, so I thought to myself: I need to find time to go for facial and extraction to unclog my pores and regain my skin radiance.

Finally! I managed to find time to go for facial and extraction today! Before the start of the session, my beauty consultant did a skin analysis for me before deciding what products she's going to use on me. When she used the machine to magnify and scan my skin, I can see the shock on her face.

Here's the conditions that she named:
1. Enlarged and clogged pores
2. Pigmentation (still early stage)
3. Dry skin on the surface but oily inside
4. Wrinkles
5. Eye bags and dark eye circles
6. Collagen loss

Then she asked what happen to my skin? Did I use any skincare products? Did I remove my makeup before bed every day? She asked me a lot of questions today just to understand why there are drastic changes to my skin. She told me that when my skin is bad, nutrients from the skincare that I use will not be easily absorbed by the skin and I need to sleep more so that my skin can restore during my sleep..... We spoke for about 40mins.

During the whole session, I slept throughout. Too tired! When my beauty consultant did extraction for me, she woke me up and asked whether it hurts and I said no and she said 'Wow! Your endurance is good." I think I didn't bother how the extraction feels, I just feel so comfortable there and just wanted to sleep. Hahaha. After the session, I saw my face so red! I understood why she said my endurance was good. ^ ^

Anyway, now my skin feels better, more hydrated and pores unclogged just that it's red (but not sore, means her skill is good). I'm feeling happy now that my skin looks and feel better.

PS: I have not started on using the Laneige Water Bank products yet, so the facial session that I went to will not affect the results of the Laneige Water Bank products. And since there are 5 steps to use the products and I don't have the luxurious of time at the moment with so many things on hand to attend to, I intend to start using the products immediately this weekend. I promise I will give my most honest and accurate reviews of the Laneige Water Bank products.

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