Friday, February 19, 2010

3M Mini Lint Roller Review

New technology by 3M! 

I would say that this product is really cool and definitely worth buying! I'm totally amazed by the effectiveness of it! I have a dress that I love very much but after washing for many times, it started having those small cotton balls and it's really troublesome to pull out the cotton balls one by one everytime before wearing. 3M Mini Lint Roller comes in handy. I wore the dress and roll the roller over those small cotton balls and viola, the cotton balls came off easily and stick to the sticky tape of the roller together with fallen hair and tiny dust. My dress looks clean and looks like new after use. I love 3M Mini Lint Roller to bits! It's also small and lightweight to carry around, so I always put it in my bags and use it whenever I need it. After using, I can peel off the first layer of the sticky tape easily, so the roller is always sticky when I want to use it again. Wonderful innovative idea! Thumbs up! I also use it on my sofa to clear potato chip bits after TV, on curtains, windows, TV screen and desktop screen to get rid of dusts and dust mites, on my pillow to clear fallen hairs. There are many uses for this product! I'm definitely going to buy it again! =D

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