Thursday, November 12, 2009

Samples from CozyCot

I went to CozyCot to collect my samples! :)

I love the Nescafe with Collagen coffee! I have actually bought a few packets and have been constantly drinking it everyday (I'm a coffee addict and I must drink coffee everyday to give me energy! Haha.) But since CozyCot is giving it free without needing any points, I might well redeem it since I love the taste of it so0 much and it's beneficial for my body with the collagen content. Anything with collagen is actually my favourite. Hee..

I like the Palmers fadecream too. I have been using it for quite awhile already before redeeming it and I would say that it's actually quite oily for the skin if you apply too much, so just apply a bit on your darker skin tone area consistently then you will notice that the dark spots will start fading. Apply a bit will do so that your face will not look oily. The results can be seen but it just takes some time. This product is also not very expensive since a jar can be used for a really really long time and I mean it, really long. :)

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