Friday, September 18, 2009

Review on CozyCot: Get Fresh With O2 Event

Thank you CozyCot for giving me this opportunity to attend this excellent event! :) It is my first time going for CozyCot event and I enjoy it very much!!! <3

This event has been beneficial to me as I get to know how wonderful O2 products are and some tips about makeup. Personally, I like their Magic Peel, Lavender Oxygen Cleansing foam and Heavenly Mist a lot! Below is the range of their products.

Magic Peel: The scent is very nice and it is gentle on the skin. It helps to remove dead skin cells and makes skin looks more radiant. It is gentler than facial scrub as it will not cause minor scratches on the skin.

Lavender Oxygen Cleansing foam: The scent is "super lavender", just like lavender essence and it makes my skin feels clean, smooth and fairer after use. Pores look clean after use.

Heavenly Mist: Nice gentle scent, very pleasant. Spray on your face and you can feel its coolness working on your skin and it's also easily absorbed by the skin.

My skin type: Combination to oily, and I feel that it suits me as it is not too harsh on the skin and yet, able to work well on my skin.

After the event, everyone was given a goodie bag. Here's a picture of what's in my goodie bag! :)

I love my goodie bag! :)

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