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Hair Styling Tutorial with Panasonic EH-HS95-K Hair Straightener

I think I need to do something to my hair...... :'( ....... :'( ........

I have previously permed my hair but as time goes by, the curls got loose and the hair ends are getting messy and tangle easily.

I am going to use the Panasonic EH-HS95-K Hair Straightener to style my hair.

Panasonic EH-HS95-K Hair Straightener has nanocare technology.

Nanoe retains 1000x more moisture in the hair than ion, improves hair straightening performance by 35 degreeC with its stable heater, photo-ceramic coated which reduces colour fading by 2/3, maintains more hair moisture by 14.5%, intelligent sensing system that reduces plate temperature to 170 degreeC when detecting not in use, by detecting use it will automatically return to original temperature, power supply auto shut off in 60 minutes.

This hair straightener is not drying or damaging on the hair but moisturizing with its moisture-packed nanoe.

Moisture-packed nanoe are generated from the air holes at the tip of the plates to moisturize your hair while styling, and prevent heat-caused moisture evaporated and damage to hair. It also tones the cuticles and balances hair's moisture content to create a lustrous appearance.

There is a on/off switch button and temperature increase/decrease buttons at the side of the hair straightener. There is also the lock function which you can close the plates together and lock it making it easy to bring for overseas travel without damaging the straightener.

It's my first time curling my hair personally with a hair straightener, so it is better for me to find out more details from the manual before I do anything to my hair with this hair straightener.

Before I start the curling, I've tied up top half portion of my hair first. I think I look aged like this The curls on my hair from the previous hair perm are almost gone.....

Watch my hair tutorial for my hair transformation with Panasonic EH-HS95-K Hair Straightener.

I used the hairstraightener at a temperature of 200 degreeC and did not apply any heat protectant spray because previously when I curled my hair, I realised that heat protectant spray weighs down my hair and the curls couldn't form nicely.

The first hairstyle created, the Goldilocks wavy curls.

Side view (without flash):

With flash:
The hair actually turned out glossy and lustrous after curling instead of being dry and frizzy, all thanks to the nanocare technology.

The second hairstyle, Side Sweep curls. Can opt to either clip up the fringe or let the fringe loose.

Side sweep curls without clipping up the fringe.

The third hairstyle, Everyday Casual Loose Curls but creating curls starting from mid-length of the hair so that the curls add more volume and shape to the hair.

Overall, although Panasonic EH-HS95-K Hair Straightener may not be easy to get the hang of creating curls with it, but it takes practices to perfect the curling technique. Nothing is impossible!

What I love about this hair straightener is the nanocare technology, the 5 temperature setting, the ceramic coating and the lock function. These are everything I look for in a hair straightener.

You should try playing with this hair straightener too and start diy-ing your own hairstyles. Have fun! =)

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Review: Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer

Panasonic EH-SA31VP Facial Ionic Steamer produce Nano-sized ionic steam particles to
a) Moisturize Skin
b) Deep Cleanse Skin

Moisturize skin: Nano-sized ionic steam particles permeate the skin's surface easily, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and renewed, and moisturize skin for deep moisture retention.

Deep cleansing: Steam for about 3 minutes, hot steam helps to lift makeup, dirt and oil off skin then wash your face.

In my general understanding, I used to only know that facial steamer helps our skin to absorb skin care products better as the pores are opened up. However, I've not steamed my face by myself but only did it at salon while doing my facial treatment as I have rather sensitive skin and I fear the clogging of my skin if I did not close my pores properly after the steaming. 

For reviewing, I gave Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer a try to see how it may or may not work for me.

Before I start with the steaming, it's always good to know how to handle and use the steamer first.

At the back of the steamer, there is a small bottle for us to fill in water so that the gadget can heat up the water and create steam.

Here's the steam you will get after filling in the bottle of water, and switching on the switch for a few seconds.

My face with makeup (CC cream, blusher, eyebrow liner, eyeliner, mascara) on, before steaming and cleansing begin.

Next, face steaming begun and I could really feel the heat from the steam, my makeup started to melt and drip down my face together with my perspiration, and my pores started to open up.

Here's how I looked like after the streaming, my face was full of perspiration and the makeup more or less melted off. Next step is to wash my face with normal facial cleanser.

My skin felt pretty clean though I won't say that there are no traces of makeup left on my skin and my pores were opened! In my normal human reaction, I decide to fasten up my speed of applying my skincare before the open pores started trapping dirt and dust. 

After application of my skincare and steaming slightly for my skin to better absorb the nutrients from the skincare, I noticed that my skin was hydrated and glowing, and application of my makeup was easier and looked almost flawless as my skin felt much smoother in texture. 

Overall, I find Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer easy to use and it's great to use once a week or fortnightly for moisturizing or deep cleansing. I love that this facial steamer produces nano-ionic steam for deep moisture retention so that I can have hydrated skin and slow down the aging process of my skin.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them under the comments column. :))

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