Monday, September 9, 2019

Review: Hook Coffee, Singablend

Hi lovelies,

Lately, I tried an interesting coffee concept by Hook Coffee.

This company's coffee products come in the form of drip bags, pods and beans. This suits the needs of people with different coffee preferences. I love the thoughtfulness that the company puts in to cater to different types of coffee lovers.

With Hook Coffee, coffee does not have to be plain or traditional with the interesting range of specialty coffee that the company innovated, in which one can explore at this link:

Today, I am sharing about their Singablend coffee.

Product Information 
Country: El Salvador 
Producer: Hook's (3-Region Blend) 
Altitude: Mix Altitude 
Varietal: Mixed Varietals 
Processes: Mix processes

The limited edition bags also features an illustration by super talented fellow Singaporean, Shawn See (@shawnplue), Winner of Hook’s Design-a-Bag competition 2019.

I had my Singablend in drip bags as it is most convenient and mess-free way of preparation and consumption.

The beans are finely grounded. There is a tiny opening at the front of the packaging and when sniffed from the opening, the scent does have the bend of coffee with iced gem biscuits. However, when it is just an individual drip bag, the scent of the iced gem biscuits becomes very mild.

The coffee is fragrant on the first brew. This coffee is low in acidity, slightly bitter with a hint of sweetness in taste. The iced gem biscuits fragrant is very faint and the taste of it is represented by the slight sweetness in the coffee. The tasted is alright, quality is quite good but the surprise level dipped with my first sip of the coffee as I was expecting more from the iced gem biscuits. Nevertheless, this coffee is a good option for a large range of unique flavours and with its beautiful and bright packaging, it looks presentable to be given as gift.

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Review: The Magical Cloud Self-Care Products

Hi lovelies,

I always believe that we should give ourselves some self-pampering even in times of busyness.
In this post, I am going to share my thoughts on some self-care products from The Magical Cloud.

First up, let's look at their Chocolate Goodness! Face and Body Mask.
To use, mix 1 tablespoon of Chocolate Goodness with 1 tablespoon of Honey and 1 tablespoon of olive or jojoba oil. Stir into a paste and leave on face or body for 10-15 mins.

The first scent that caught me when the tub was opened was the cocoa scent and when applied to my body, the cocoa scent made me crave for chocolates! I am a chocolate lover, so I love to use this product. However, I personally find it a little troublesome to prepare and use this product as I have to mix it with other ingredients. After use, it gave me fairer, moisturised and soft skin but it could also be due to the honey and olive oil that I mixed in, so well, I am confused with the effectiveness of this product.

Next, let's look at their Clay Genie! Exfoliating Cleanser.

I super love this product and would highly recommend this product to people searching for good exfoliator with brightening result! It is easy to use and it gives immediate, satisfactory result.
All I have to do is to mix the product with 1 tablespoon of water or milk, let it thicken in a minute and it is good to use! The exfoliator may look huge in size but it's oats, so it is soft and gentle on the skin. I have tried using it on my face and it is not harsh at all.

There's immediate result! This product helps to effectively soften dead skin cells and on top of removing dead skin cells, there is also safe ingredients that help to brighten the skin. My skin looks so much fairer and smoother after use.

This is their Bye Bye Stinky! Foot Spray.
Spray on both feet from a 15cm distance. The Tea Tree neutralises odour and prevents odour formation. It has antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. This contains 100% pure Australian tea tree essential oil.  

After wearing shoes the whole day, I won't deny that my feet will smell a little with all the perspiration mixed with dead skin cells. This is something that everyone will face but we can prevent bacterial growth on our feet with proper care. This product has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties and I do agree that after trying this product, it does help to reduce the smell on my feet and at the end of a long day, there is only a very faint smell from my feet. Here's my honest sharing based on personal experience.

This is their Shoo Away! Insect Repellent Spray.
This product contains 100% pure Australian tee tree essential oil

There is no mosquito or insect in my house, so I can't share whether this is an effective product or not but looking at the ingredients, there should be some effects in keeping insects away.

Moving on next, these 2 products are amazing products that I am thrilled to share about!
The left is their Yummy Honey! Body Scrub and the right is their Oh My! I'm Exhausted! Foot Spa.  

For the Yummy Honey! Body Scrub, gently massage using medium pressure to exfoliate dead skin cells. Thereafter, rinse with warm water and pat dry. Skin may feel oily after use, but rest assure that the Olive oil’s goodness will get absorbed within 10 mins and leave you with moisturized skin. There are no chemicals or preservatives.

I have tried this product and it does a good job in exfoliating my skin and it is easy to rinse off. It does not leave the skin feeling exceedingly greasy or uncomfortable, it just feel as though there is a light-weight moisturiser applied to the skin after bath. The feeling is very gentle and yet it does help to nourish the skin and keep my skin feeling smooth. This is a wonderful product that I will recommend to everyone!

For the Foot Spa, the instruction for use is to fill a large bowl with warm water, pour the entire package in and mix. Soak feet for 10 -15mins. This re-energizes your feet after a long day at work. Peppermint has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This foot spa improves circulation, energizes tired feet, refreshes and aids to combat odour. There are no chemicals or preservatives.

This product is comparable to The Body Shop's peppermint foot spa but for this product, the peppermint cooling sensation is slightly stronger. I am unsure if it's the warm water or the product but it works in relieving tired feet and it feels so comfortable that while soaking, I wanted to leave my feet in for longer than 15 minutes. After taking my feet out, my leg muscle felt relaxed. However, my sole felt a little dry, so it is best to top up with a moisturiser after the foot spa is done.

 Hope this post will help you understand a little more about these self-care products from The Magical Cloud.

If you are interested, you can shop for their products at their website:


Review: Bing Liang Mooncake

Hi everyone!

With the mid-autumn festival nearing, it is the Chinese tradition for family to get together and celebrate this festival. However, in this era of busyness, our Chinese tradition has been simplified but something that has remain consistent is the enjoyment of delicious tasting mooncake, a special ingredient that cannot be missed!

In this post, I am excited to share about Bing Liang's mooncake. 
I love traditionally baked mooncake and with my family getting more health conscious, we will opt for healthier mooncake that is less sweet and greasy, and Bing Liang is a brand that offers us such good-tasting healthier mooncake.

Other than the good-tasting mooncake, Bing Liang's gift box is also something that amazes me, it's artistic design, good quality material and functional drawer creation make it presentable to be given as a gift.  

The first flavour that I am reviewing is their Pure White Lotus mooncake. 
The ingredients used were White Lotus Paste, Vegetable oil, Sugar, Wheat flour, Melon seeds and Egg. 

The mooncake has thin crust and dense filling. The lotus paste is so smooth that the knife glides through the mooncake easily. The white lotus paste melts in the mouth and the fresh melon seeds gave it's natural sweetness and flavour. This mooncake is of moderate sweetness and it is acceptable to our family's tastebuds.

Next is the Pure White Lotus with Single Yolk.
The ingredients used were White Lotus Paste, Salted egg yolk, Vegetable oil, Sugar, Wheat flour, Melon seeds and Egg.

The salted egg yolk is tasty and baked just right, it isn't greasy or dry and the saltiness enhanced the taste of the white lotus paste, creating a blend of light sweetness and saltiness, a palatable flavour that is well-liked in our family. 

 Moving on, it's their Pure Lotus with double yolk.
The ingredients used were Lotus Paste, Salted egg yolk, vegetable oil, Sugar, Wheat flour, Melon Seeds and Egg.

This pure lotus has a hint of brown sugar taste and it's of similar level of sweetness as the pure lotus paste. The yolk is larger but slightly drier in texture but nevertheless, it is still good in taste. The traditional flavour is a reminisce of the good old times of our Mid-autumn festival celebration.

Coming up next is their Durian mooncake.
 The ingredients used were Durian lotus paste, Vegetable oil, Sugar, Wheat flour, Melon seeds and egg.

Durian mooncake is the flavour in trend nowadays since it is the durian season. Our family love durian but in a mooncake, we prefer to have a lightly tasted durian flavoured mooncake or the mooncake can turn out to be too sweet or a little pungent. We are glad that this mooncake fulfilled our preference as the durian is light yet it's fragrance lingers with every mouth of it. The smooth paste also added points to this mooncake. It's overall well balanced in taste and flavour.

This is their Pure Lotus Green Tea.
The ingredients used were Green lotus paste, Vegetable oil, Sugar, Wheat flour, Melon seeds and Egg.

The taste reminded me of green tea roasted melon seeds we normally had during Chinese New Year. The green tea fragrance is strong and the mooncake is considered sweeter in taste as compared to their other mooncakes. I would say the taste is nice but I would have love it better if it is lower in sweetness.

Lastly, it's their Pure Lotus Emerald Single Yolk (Pandan).
The ingredients used were Pandan Lotus paste, Salted egg yolk, Vegetable oil, Sugar, Wheat flour, Melon seeds, Egg. 

This is another well-loved flavour in our family. The mooncake is full of the pandan fragrance and the smooth salted egg yolk added a touch of perfection to this mooncake, making it delicious and addictive. We love this flavour the most!

Overall, I would give these mooncakes 4.5 out of 5 rating. I would recommend my readers to try Bing Liang mooncake and savour these good quality mooncakes. You will definitely not be disappointed.

If you are keen, you can apply promo code SIMYVONNE10 to enjoy 10% discount for your purchase at

*Disclaimer: I do not benefit or profit from any of the sales done with my promo code.

Enjoy the mooncake and happy mid-autumn festival to all!


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