Sunday, April 12, 2015

Review: Laser and PDT BluLight Treatments at CSK

Hi lovelies,

After my Ematrix Treatment at CSK, I went back for Laser and PDT BluLight Treatments to clear my acne breakout along my jawline area. Recently, I kept encountering on and off acne breakouts.

This time round, I did my treatments at the CSK branch located at Scotts Medical Centre, Pacific Plaza. I really love the artistic decorations there and the comfortable feeling the place gave me.

Their resting area at the lift lobby while waiting for the elevator:

The waiting at the Medical Centre and their staffs would gladly serve you coffee or tea: 

The waiting area at the Medical Centre for you take a break after your treatment which is also used before treatment while waiting for your numbing cream to take effect:

Their walkway lined with artistic pieces which gave a calm and serene feel:

Touch up room for clients to use after treatment and I love their long mirror:

Before my treatment, I had a consultation with their Doctor to check on my skin conditions and assess treatments suitable for me based on my skin concerns. The Doctor also provided after care tips and recommendations during the consultation.

Next, I was led to their studio to take professional shots of my face (front, left and right) so that they can monitor my face conditions after every treatment.

The first treatment I went through is the Laser Treatment. This treatment works through the use of light and heat to burn off a very thin layer of dead skin cells and helps in acne control. Minimal and bearable pain was felt. After the treatment, there was zero down time and no redness was observed on my skin.

The whole treatment began first with a double cleansing step to remove dirt and makeup on my skin and a goggle was placed over my eyes to shield my eyes from the laser light, and soon after, beams of light was shot on different sections of my face.

After completion of my Laser Treatment, I was led into another room for my PDT BluLight Treatment. 

PDT (Photodynamic therapy) is a light therapy skin treatment that has the ability to target problematic acne causing bacteria and unsightly acne scars. This treatment works by destroying acne-causing bacteria responsible for causing acne. It is a comfortable, zero-downtime alternative or supplementary treatment for oily acne skin. 

The PDT machine that shines blue light on every inch surface of my skin.

Before the machine was switched on, my eyes were covered with cotton pad followed by 2 pairs of goggles. Next, the light was shined close to my face and I could hear the winding sound of the machine clear beside my ears. 

It was my honor to meet the Director of CSK that day and we took a photo together after my treatment.

Below are photos of my skin condition after my treatment. I noticed that my acne begin to dry up the next day and my pores became slightly smaller. However, in order to totally clear my acne, I will be returning for more treatments.

I will continue to update my skin condition on my blog after further treatments at CSK.

To understand more about the treatments provided by CSK, you may visit this website:


Monday, April 6, 2015

Zalora Office Wear for Women

Hi lovelies,

Zalora now ventures into providing more Office wear for women! Hurray! Just on one platform, we get to explore wide range of fashion styles and brands available on You are sure to find styles that suit your mood for the week. Be it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, you can fill your wardrobe with different fashion styles and trends offered at

I tried creating some fashion boards with the outfits and accessories available at But of course, the styles available at are not limited to what I share here.You really have to hop on to Zalora's website Women Office Wear to explore and discover styles that suit you. 

On Monday, when you are feeling blue, and don't really feel like playing with colors, you can opt for different shades of blue available on Zalora and match the color with black. These colors never go wrong together.

On Tuesday, if you are still feeling not so excited for the week, you can opt for grey but spice up with some light reflecting accessories to add some shine to your outfit. You are sure to stand out from the crowd.

On Wednesday, knowing that it's Mid-Week, we normally feel a little happier that day, so start adding some colors to your outfit. You can even opt for different prints.

Thursday is a day that you can be really versatile, you don't have to be too formal, so go ahead and try mix-matching different styles according to your liking.

Friday is a day when most of us feel relieved and cheery. Go for outfit that allow you to dress up or down depending on your plans for the day. 

Hope you like the fashion boards I share.

Check out more styles on Have fun exploring and mix-matching on!